When I saw a CNN pop-up on my phone two days ago about the mass shooting in Umqua Community College in Oregon, I gasped and went back to whatever I was doing. I was disgusted, but also too used to daily stream of gun fatality news popping up on my phone. Every morning, I get […]

So the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage in all contiguous states of the US. As a life-long Christian, this is a very difficult matter to grasp and I had to think through for a while within my heart to come up with my response to this […]

Walking to the restaurant, we first exchanged our names. The elderly man, very composed and thoughtful-looking was David. The woman’s name was Tammy. Young man’s name was Scott. We shook hands. I was a bit surprised at how their handshakes weren’t unpleasant in any way. Tammy’s handshake surprised me because it was firm, warm, and […]

A pause. A moment to open up our hearts. Then an action. That is all we need. I am so blessed tonight. Feel like I need to capture my thoughts after an amazing encounter this evening. Word – some of you do this like eating lunch everyday. I don’t. So my account is more of […]

Hello fellow bloggers and readers of WordPress – this time I come to you with a different entry. I have begun fundraising few weeks ago to help a friend get a college degree via crowd funding. Although we’re getting close, it has been pretty difficult and I would like to ask for support from the WordPress […]

How to turn your next beer night into super okonomiyaki beer night! Wow, it’s been a while since I last wrote – life has kept me busy! Today I am going to write my second recipe entry. Have you wished that you can have something other than nachos, wings, and (more likely) doritos for your […]

Abbreviation problem: M or MM? This has vexed me a bit time to time – what is the proper way of abbreviating “millions”? Most people would say “M” (capitalized M please), but then we see “M” used to mean “thousands” as well. So I decided to do a little searching and here’s what I found: […]