Hell’s Gate National Park was the model on which 1994 movie Lion King was heavily based on. We went south east from Eldoret and came across the Equator. We ran a test with a cup with hole in the bottom filled with water & a leaf. It was fun to observe how the leaf turned counterclockwise […]

Few weeks ago, we went for a quick trip to Kruger Farm + Kerio View. Sergoit-Kruger Farm is known for their giraffe family. The giraffes were actually on the outskirts of Eldoret until the city moved them to Kruger Farm for conservation reasons as agriculture spread.  Read about it here: http://www.changes4lewa.nl/lewa%20childrens%20home/Lewa%20Childrens%20Home/giraffes.htm The hike didn’t seem like […]

At last, I was able to go to the Maasai Mara safari on 7/11 – 7/13. It was the #1 trip I have been thinking about even before I left the US because it’s supposed to be one of the, if not THE best safari in Africa, period. It’s supposed to have all the Big […]

So last weekend I got to go on my first weekend excursion with the wonderful bunch of people here in IU House comprised of 7 Purdue 6th year pharmers, 2 IU 1st year med students, a Duke cardiology MD, a Dow Agro staff, and the 2 of us ND MBA’s. Destination: Lake Bogoria & Lake Baringo. […]

My head is dropping every now and then as I write this entry from the grueling past 2 days of flights. Finally at Eldoret, I’m housed safely in IU House with many other people from all different walks of life – physicians, pharm/med/dental students from IU/Purdue/Duke, AMPATH staff from Eldoret. AMPATH is the healthcare organization […]