April 23, 2017

A Musing

Reflecting upon busy work week past and a musing comes-

An image of tiny people with metal claws clawing up a hill desperately to get up, up, and above.

Not too sure where it leads, but everyone is doing it so no time to waste. Claw, claw above lest you lose your place.

In the process, clawing those around them, some close to them, some strangers, some accidentally, some deliberately.

At the heart of them all, a desperate and searing hot desire to be loved and accepted but not knowing the way.

Only thing they know is to claw upwards. Oh if they’d only stop, walk off to an opposite hill and look upon where they’ve been climbing.

It is No Purpose hill of the world. How foolish it is. Once they understand the grand scheme of things, they will grow wings.

They will then take flight. Blue and breathtaking in sight.
With tender care, not scorn look down at the crowd with claws
They will then fly down next to the clawers and offer their hands.

But up to the clawers it is to remove their metal claws and accept the hand. Then and only then shall they soar into the spring sky. Together. Understanding and free at last.

Not my image – copyright belongs to the designer


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A musician by talents, a consultant in trade, I have a unique ability to have the "sense" to know what's good (looks, tastes, sounds, etc) yet be rational enough to crunch out data analysis for projects. I love a good cup of coffee/tea and meaningful conversations with open-minded people. I love taking walks, meditating, cooking, designing, and of course, playing my piano and guitar. Lastly, I am an avid amateur photojournalist who sees things most people don't see, captures & writes about them. Feel free to comment or message me regarding my blog, thanks!


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